The Art Portfolio of Mexican Painter Carmen Estrada

A painting of the foothills of the Sierra MadreFoothills of the Sierra Madre

Carmen Estrada is a prolific Mexican painter whose practice encompasses a variety of styles and subjects. The artist frequently pays homage to her hometown of Mazatlán and the local culture through paintings that celebrate traditional styles as well as noted Mexican artists. 

A painting of a horseman in an abstracted styleHorseman


Carmen switches easily between various styles of painting, sometimes creating works in the style of famous Mexican artists like Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Fernando Botero. The artist is quite talented at capturing the elements of painting techniques that comprise a certain artist’s sense of style, drawing those out and remixing them to create her own original homages. 

The front page of Carmen Estrada's art portfolio


In original works, Carmen’s style is varied and experimental, though the thread of bright, saturated colours and warm tones runs throughout her portfolio. The artist has a love for large, saturated shapes and bombastic designs that cover the entire picture plane, allowing the viewer to truly get lost in a painting.

A painting of two blue parrots in a treeGuacamayas azul naranja

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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