The Art Portfolio of Self-Taught Painter Jorge Puron

A painting with coloured and textured bands curving across itAlquimia #1, acrylic on canvas

Jorge Puron is a self-taught painter originally from Piedras Negras, Mexico, who currently lives and works in Texas. In his recent artistic works, Jorge blends flat-coloured, geometric abstraction with portrait painting and textured layering techniques. 

A painting of an abstracted landscape with deep jewel tonesPaisaje Cosmico #2, acrylic on canvas

I’m really enjoying browsing through Jorge’s recent series Cosmic Alchemy Landscapes and Hard Edge Figuration. In the former, the artist composes images with overlapping arcs across the surface of the canvas, each displaying a different colour, pattern, and painted texture. The effect is one that shows off the artist’s range with colour and painting techniques, and builds a composition that rewards the viewer for a lingering look. 

The front page of Jorge Puron's art portfolio


In Hard Edge Figuration, Jorge applies his talent for geometric precision to figure painting, creating portraits of various subjects that, despite their relatively simple compositions, are imbued with a great deal of character and personality.

A painting of a woman smoking a cigaretteLa Rebelde, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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