The Adhesive Tape Art Portfolio of Anna Dominguez

A humorous portrait of Gwen Stefani"Goldie Locks" Gwen Stefani, tape on masonite

Anna Dominguez is better known as the Queen of Tape. In her artistic practice, Anna works with the unexpected and novel medium of tape, creating bright, graphic compositions by applying and cutting away layers of adhesive tape. 

An artwork depicting Justin Timberlake and Marilyn Monroe at a bar"Pump Room Chicago" (JT and Marilyn), tape on wood


Anna’s subjects have included a wide array of celebrities, including television personalities and athletes. In her Media gallery, the artist showcases some of her works being presented to their subjects -- it’s cool to be able to see firsthand what a close resemblance Anna is able to achieve in her work, with a style that’s part caricature and part realistic portraiture. 

A screen capture of the Queen of Tape art portfolio


The artist’s choice of medium necessitates a contoured, topological style of working, with darker base tones applied in larger quantities and highlights added in progressively lighter shades of tape to build out the volume of a face or an object. The resulting pieces have a pleasantly illustrative aesthetic, while capturing the essential details of their subject.

An artwork made from tape depicting blind crayonsColorblind, tape on maple wood board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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