Public Art, Furniture, and Designs by John Greg Ball

A LED-lit slice of pie with a person sitting insideBeakerhead Pi, designers: Greg Ball, Rob Sadowski, Shaw Kinjo, and KT Furness (collaboration with SAIT students)

John Greg Ball is an industrial designer who produces public art, furniture, and designs for unique urban spaces, among other projects. The artist’s current portfolio encompasses a wide range of client projects and showcases the work from the preliminary sketch stage all the way up to the finished product. 

A piece of concept art for a public art pieceHello Moto, public art concept for private client

The nature of John’s design practice is highly collaborative. Since most of the artist’s works are created with direct consultation from clients and other stakeholders, the finished projects vary widely in terms of aesthetics and construction. As we saw in our previous feature of John’s design portfolio, in general the artist seeks to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality.


I enjoy browsing John’s Art + Concept gallery. Some of the pieces in this gallery go on to become finished works, while others are preliminary sketches and ideas. The artist uses a variety of techniques to bring his sketches to life, often superimposing hand-drawn images onto maps and drafts of a space. The result gives the viewer a ghostly impression of the future of a space, building a sense of excitement and forward momentum for a project.

A custom rustic coffee table designed for a private residencePrairie Coffee Table, design for private residence

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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