Well-Composed Landscapes and Scenes by Jim Friesen

A photo of a blue sky over clear waterUntitled (from series The Floating World)

Jim Friesen is a photographer who captures landscapes and scenes from a variety of locations around the world. Jim’s works deliver a very human viewpoint, with images that are often built “in-camera” -- that is, without later manipulation -- and emulate what the human eye might see in a given space. 

A photograph of English bay at nightEnglish Bay, Vancouver

I really like the way Jim balances colour in his photos. The artist often seems to make very deliberate, calculated choices about when to emphasize colour, and when to subdue it, leading to images that capture the remembered imagery of, for example, a dramatic sunset, where the colours are just a little more saturated than in life. 


I also really appreciate Jim’s gallery of iphone photos -- the works in this gallery are cropped and framed in such a way that gives them the appearance of older film photographs, but the knowledge that they were captured on a phone emphasizes the artist’s skill, eye for composition, and talent for capturing aesthetic beauty regardless of equipment.

A photo of light and shadow in an interior spaceUntitled (iPhone photo)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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