Bold Textures and Colours: Mixed Media Art by Radhika Matthews

An acrylic painting with patterned texturesPerur, acrylic on canvas

Radhika Matthews is an artist interested in relationships between materials, settings, locations, and people, at both a broad and specific scale. In her artistic practice, Radhika works primarily in mixed media, creating two dimensional works that incorporate a wide range of bold textures and colours

A mixed media artwork incorporating string and textureNewWorldMap

As we saw in our previous feature of Radhika’s art portfolio, we looked at how the artist draws direct inspiration from a variety of artistic sources, using everything from paint to textiles (previously used in garments) to embellish and construct her works. Radhika’s pieces tend to be layered, and to use cohesive colour schemes. Within a single work the artist will often emphasize either warm, earthy colours or cooler shades of blue and green. 


The artist’s penchant for using texturally disparate materials on a single substrate emphasizes the sense of exploration of the tension between different media, and between artwork, artist, and viewer.

A mixed media artwork with silk fabric scrapsIntikki ("Home"), acrylic and silk on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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