Fantastic Favourites: Jaye Early, Sarah Martin, and Heather Lefebvre

Today we’re featuring the art of not one, but three artists: Jaye Early, Sarah Martin, and Heather Lefebvre. Working in a diverse range of media, these artist take different approaches to representational and abstract art, sometimes finding the line where the two meet to tell a compelling visual story. 


Jaye Early

An abstract painting with geometric shapes on a blue ground5


Jaye Early uses artwork as a tool for introspection and self-discovery, creating works that often begin as autobiographical explorations, but prove appealing and relatable to a wider audience. Jaye produces colourful, unabashed works in painting, mixed media, and film. 


Sarah Martin

A textile artwork made with green felted woolLand, rug knotted linen, felted wool, acid dye

Sarah Martin works under the studio name Fallingmoss. The name is quite an apt descriptor of much of Sarah’s artist oeuvre -- the artist has a great affinity for using materials drawn directly from nature, including driftwood, lichen, and stones. Her installations and sculptures find a balance between celebrating natural forms and elevating them with man-made interventions. 


Heather Lefebvre

An illustrative painting with a human figure and gold leafUntitled


Heather Lefebvre is a tattoo artist working out of Odist tattoo studio in Kelowna, BC. Outside of her tattooing work, Heather maintains an active artistic practice, producing works that sometimes inform, and sometimes sit alongside her tattooing style. Illustrative line work and metallic touches lend each of the artist’s works a regal, sacred feeling.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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