Mysticism and Modern Myth: Art by Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of candles and a moonAttic Magic, acrylic on board

Rebecca Chaperon is an artist and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. Rebecca’s artworks explore themes of mysticism and modern myth using motifs such as crystals, moons, and feminine figures to evoke a witchy sense of spiritualism and solitude. 

A painting of a large hovering crystalUntitled


I really love the colour palette that Rebecca utilizes throughout her portfolio. The artist is prolific, producing artworks in series on a small scale, depicting, for example, a moon or single floating crystal, painted with texturally blended pastel hues. These small-scale, series-oriented works sit nicely alongside Rebecca’s larger landscape pieces -- almost as if each smaller piece represents a physical object that is depicted within the larger painting.  


Rebecca has developed a very well-defined atmosphere that’s consistent across her entire portfolio. These works are perfect for conjuring a kind of dark, autumnal, mood while contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

A painting of a white crystal seen through a gap in stoneLilith, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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