Watercolour, Mixed Media, and Acrylic Art by Jan Pearson

An abstract painting with a layered appearanceThe Flock

Jan Pearson is an artist working primarily in watercolour, mixed media, and acrylic, producing artworks that express the artist’s surroundings -- namely, the landscapes of Michigan and Virginia, in loose, impressionist gestures. 

An impressionistic painting of a womanwatcha, mixed media on canvas


Jan’s gallery of Expressionistic Abstracts stays true to this aesthetic, with paintings that have a wildly energetic sense about them, even with colour palettes that are relatively focused on neutral and subdued hues. I really enjoy the way human figures appear in these works -- rendered in the same brush marks as the backgrounds and surrounding substrate, Jan’s faces seem almost to rise to the surface, or form themselves as spectres, ghostly apparitions inhabiting the painted canvas. 


These works are especially striking when seen alongside some of Jan’s more straightforward works of realism and portraiture. The artist feels present in both these stylistic approaches, though the expressionist pieces have a certain emotional charge to them.

A painting of a woman with no faceremembering

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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