Electrifying Energy: The Art Portfolio of Angela R. Green

A painting of a man playing the pianoJazzy's Midnight Cafe Piano Player, mixed media on canvas

Angela R. Green is a painter and mixed media artist who approaches her artistic practice with an electrifying energy and an appreciation for music and poetry. Angela’s style is highly expressive, and the artist always brings a wild colour palette and a strong sense of dynamism to her artworks. 

A painting of a dog with bright patterningJojo, textured mixed media on canvas


There’s a sense of warmth throughout Angela’s art portfolio that I find pleasant and inviting. Music and musicians are a common motif in Angela’s work, and the artist approaches colour and composition in a way that hearkens to the way a jazz musician chooses notes -- fitting in as many as possible, sometimes at opposite ends of the spectrum, but still managing to create a cohesive, exciting combination. 


Angela’s recent series of small works on paper puts a greater emphasis on negative space. Figures in this series are painted with intricate, patterned and coloured details, on white grounds that allow the viewer to focus deeply on the close-up layers of colour and mark-making in the figure itself.

A painting of jazz figures within a guitarJazz Life, mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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