The Art of Photographic Abstraction: Joseph Peter Sullivan

An abstract photograph depicting a textured white objectESIS_BC

Joseph Peter Sullivan is a photographer. Originally from Sacramento, California, the artist has lived and worked throughout the United States, taking photographs of people and places, as well as delving into photographic abstraction and conceptual self portraiture. 

A photo of a grey catSqueeks


I really enjoy the overall aesthetic of Joseph’s artworks. The pieces in his current portfolio range from close-up, geometrically focused views of small architectural details, to straightforward portraits capturing the expressions and personalities of their subjects. In all these photos, there’s the sense of something deeper, some narrative or message behind the pure image, that invites the viewer in and creates a feeling of intimacy in the viewing. 


Joseph’s work with lighting and colour is often subdued, with the artist producing images that are crisp, and feel natural, the way one might look upon a scene with the naked eye. As we saw in previous features of Joseph’s abstracted macro photography, the artist likes to play with the possibilities of pure light and composition, moving away from photography’s representational role.

An abstract photograph of a cloud-like material"Surrounded by" 3 of 6

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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