The Oil on Canvas Portfolio of Sukanya Ramakrishna

An abstract painting with blobs of bright paint on a bluish groundJourney, acrylic painting

Sukanya Ramakrishna is an artist working primarily in oil on canvas. Sukanya’s current portfolio features artworks depicting a variety of subjects including landscapes, animals, and colourful, dynamic abstractions. 

A wall-hanging artwork with folded paper flowersCelebration


I like the painterly quality of Sukanya’s artworks. In her figurative works, the artist tends toward realism, depicting landscapes and other scenes with an eye for realistic detail, but maintaining enough of visible brush work and evidence of her hand to evoke an appreciation for the quality and materiality of the paint and the substrate. 


Sukanya doesn’t shy away from bright, saturated colour, deploying it expertly in works depicting seascapes, florals, and dramatic skies. The artist’s approach to abstraction tends to focus on a central abstracted figure -- like a gathering of brush marks each in a different, highly saturated hue -- on a relatively uniform, textural ground.

A painting of a house in a green, lush areaHome Where Your Heart Is, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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