Mixed Media Artworks by Will Bushell

A mixed media artwork depicting three humanoid figuresThree, mixed media on paper

Will Bushell is an artist whose portfolio spans several decades. In his practice, will creates mixed media artworks that blend abstraction and figuration, focusing on exploring different art materials and techniques, and playing with the interactions between different media. 

A linocut print of an abstract line compositionMuch Later, linocut print

The artist’s drawings from the 1980s have an enigmatic, illustrative quality to them -- I can see these as covers of science fiction or thriller novels. Something about the abstracted compositions that use detailed figures (sometimes added using a photo transfer technique) is very interesting, and reminds me of the surreal drawings of Ellen Cornett


Will’s Departure series of geometric abstractions uses pastel colours in bright, textured planes. As the artist says in his statement, these works were created in an effort to reacquaint his practice with bright colours. The compositions draw the eye across the entire painting, giving a sense of dynamic movement even within a very blocky structure.

A mixed media abstract painting with planes of pastel-hued colourWestcoast Boogie, acrylic and collage on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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