Movement and Presence: Art by Noah NJ Bowman

An abstract painting with heavy tones of redRedemption, acrylic on canvas

Noah NJ Bowman is a painter who tends to work between abstraction and figurative disciplines, producing works that are not immediately figurative, but that have such strong senses of movement and presence that they seem to have their own personalities nonetheless. 

An abstract painting with heavy lines and planes of colourIn the Name Of, acrylic on canvas


There’s an interesting blend of intention and intuition in each of Noah’s paintings. The artist’s style incorporates elements that could be read as line art, as well as large, bombastic planes of highly saturated colour. In our previous examination of Noah’s artworks, we compared the artist’s gestural method to that of Willem de Kooning, an artist who Noah cites as an influence, along with Francis Bacon.


Noah’s abstract artworks appear not only on canvas, but on wearable scarves and squares. It’s interesting to see how these painterly aesthetics play within a fashion application. The sense of three-dimensional movement afforded by the light silk fabric adds an additional dimension to these artworks.

An abstract painting with a bold white line on a black groundUntitled (Like the Universe), acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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