Oil and Acrylic Painting by Michael McEwing

A photo-realistic painting of a mossy brookA Mossy Brook, oil on canvas

Michael McEwing is an artist currently working in Carleton County, New Brunswick. In his practice, Michael works primarily in oil and acrylic painting, as well as printmaking and mixed media. Much of the artist’s work centres on nature, and is inspired by Michael’s personal hiking, camping, and outdoor experiences.

A painting of several lichen-covered boulders in a forestLichen-Covered Boulder Fields, Kennedy Lake, oil on canvas


I really enjoy the works in Michael’s recent series Protected Natural Areas. The works in this series are incredibly detailed, and capture the jewel-like beauty of moss and lichen-covered rocks in Kennedy Lake. The level of detail in these pieces is astonishing, and the way that Michael perfectly captures the texture and colour of these organic growths demands a close-up look. 


I find that Michael’s artworks strike a great balance between incredibly saturated, vibrant colour, and photo-realism. While the artist clearly aims for a level of realistic detail in his pieces, his painting style is one that celebrates the quality and colour of the paint itself.

A painting of some boulders surrounding a still pondKennedy Lake Watermarks, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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