Reimagining Familiar Items: Art by Stephanie Cormier

A wall-hanging mixed media abstract artworkUntitled (from series Something from Nothing)

Stephanie Cormier is a Toronto-based mixed media conceptual artist who practices in sculpture, textile art, and photography. The artist’s current practice centres on the aesthetics and objects of the everyday, remixing and reimagining familiar items as sources of wonder and strength. 

An abstract artwork with overlapping planes of texture and colourUntitled (from series Planes of Consistency)


I really like the way that Stephanie incorporates this eye for the everyday thought both aesthetics and media choices. The artist’s recent series Planes of Consistency makes great use of colour and texture, with literal planes of different material present in overlapping and intersecting shapes. It’s fascinating to look closely at these pieces and guess at what materials are in play, and to examine how different materials and colours seem to interact in varying ways with others at their borders.


I also like seeing photographs of Stephanie’s artwork arranged in a gallery space. Here, the magnitude of these creations is on display, and one can imagine how much painstaking work went into crafting each mysterious object. The artist’s use of textiles and smooth, brightly coloured media makes these pieces irresistibly tactile.

An abstract artwork with rounded planes of colourUntitled (from series Planes of Consistency)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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