Combining Abstract Elements: Art by Adrian Molina

A painting consisting of a raised blob of paint on a neutral groundColors of a Shadow, canvas, acrylic and oil

Adrian Molina creates experimental, sculptural paintings that push the envelope of the medium, and frequently defy easy categorization. The artist’s pieces are often abstract, sometimes combining abstract elements with figures and landscapes. 


The Looming Time Machine (video)


Adrian’s The Looming Time Machine artwork consists of a loom device, manually turned by two performers to create a tightly wound scroll of material painted with changing scenes and details. A performance video shows the scroll being wound up, along with snippets of the imagery on the material, and the Looming Time Machine gallery in Adrian’s portfolio showcases the final result -- a thick scroll of material, wound so that tiny slivers of the interior are visible from the sides. 


It’s interesting to view this work from two perspectives -- as a performance work, it seems almost straightforward, a comment on the labour of spinning the loom, and the slow passage of time as painted events run through it. As an artwork, the finished product is a sculpture, a painting, and a mixed media work, packed with images and yet totally opaque, revealing almost nothing, closed off except to those who might recall the images that passed by during the performance.

A rolled-up scroll paintingLooming Time - Scroll Painting "Emittime", self-made ink, coffee, latex paint on wood pulp paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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