Textured Large-Scale Paintings by Irene Lisny

A painting of an abstracted face with red and green tonesUntitled

Irene Lisny is an artist who works primarily in abstraction, occasionally incorporating elements of floral and landscape subject matter into her earthy, heavily textured, large-scale paintings

An abstract painting with mostly blue tonesDrifting Away, acrylic on profile canvas


I really like the way Irene employs colour throughout her portfolio. The artist works easily in a palette that emphasizes deep browns, cool greys, and occasional pops of subdued or oversaturated colour. The resulting works have a sense of mystery about them -- even those that depict landscapes, trees, or other plant figures seem to suggest these figures seen through a heavy fog or layer of smoke. 


Irene’s Bursts of Joy series takes a slightly lighter approach than much of the rest of her portfolio. The pieces in this series depict floral blooms, with bright red and pink petals intersecting with bright green stems, floating on planes of negative space in shades of cream and white. There’s a lightness to these paintings that sits in interesting contrast to much of the rest of Irene’s portfolio.

A painting of fantasy trees and flowers on a colourful groundFantasy Garden, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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