Sailingglass: A Stained Glass Art Portfolio by John Boyd

A pair of stained glass window panels with starfishTwo starfish dancing

John Boyd, a.k.a. Sailingglass, is a glass artist and designer currently based in Burlington, Vermont. The artist works as a stained glass artist, as well as a repair technician for windows, lamps, and other glass constructions. John’s work repairing glass pieces gives him an intimate knowledge of the strengths and unique challenges of the medium, knowledge which he expertly applies to his artistic practice. 

A stained glass window with imagery of three cats3 friends watching the bird feeder


John’s artistic portfolio features vibrant series of glass windows, lamps, and decorative panels in a variety of colours, each series focused around a particular subject. John’s series Sailing and The Beach offers a selection of idyllic stained glass scenes in deep azure hues. I imagine these panels representing the ocean must refract sunlight so they look slightly different at different times of day and in different weather -- just like the real thing. 


The artist’s stained glass lamps offer a unique way to bring the intricate designs of stained glass to a three-dimensional, indoor setting. The sculptural look and feel of these glass works reminds me of pieces by Catherine Hart.

A stained glass lampshade with light blue tonesEllipses

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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