Sweeping Fields and Autumnal Trees: Art by Gary Nowlin

An artwork depicting a field with low brush and dilapidated fencingFrom Where the Fox Appeared, Hughes Ranch, Brady, Texas

Gary Nowlin grew up in rural Texas in the mid 20th century, a youth and upbringing that still influences his artistic practice. In his artworks, Gary depicts scenes of landscapes close to his heart, with pastoral scenes of sweeping fields and autumnal trees featuring prominently. 

A painting of a pond in a backyardBackyard Retreat, Georgetown, Texas


I love the sense of texture that can be found in Gary’s works. The artist has a knack for balancing a vast sense of scale with an eye for fine detail. One can look closely at the artist’s works and see that each leaf on a tree seems to be delicately painted in, and it’s almost possible to single out individual blades of grass in a painting of a field that seems to go on forever. 


The colour palette that Gary uses tends toward earthy oranges and browns, balanced with lush, deep greens in varying tints and shades. I especially enjoy the works where Gary brings in an element of architecture, like a long-standing farmhouse or cottage. The contrast between the smooth, geometric planes of a man-made building with the more random organic contours surrounding it makes for a truly dynamic image.

A painting of an isolated cabin on a Texas ranchIsolated Cabin, Four Sisters Ranch, Utopia, Texas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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