Angels and Demons: Art by Andy Hoyos

A digital artwork with an abstract composition in 3 variationsHeterochromia, digital painting, acrylic on birch wood panel, graphite and resin

Andy Hoyos is an artist who employs a blend of digital and traditional media in the making of his artworks. The artist often paints digital, producing surreal artworks that utilize symbolism and detailed, dreamlike objects to express imagined figures, angels and demons from the artist’s own mind and childhood. 

A digital painting of a human emerging from a flower bulbFROM WITHIN, digital painting, canvas, gold leaf and lacquer


I really enjoy the style that Andy employs in his artworks. The high level of detail and precision with lighting and texture found in each of these paintings places them firmly in a place of surrealism, hearkening to the kind of detailed-yet-unreal works associated with artists like Rene Margritte or Pablo Picasso. In many cases, Andy trades in objects and figures that are rendered so completely that one can get a sense of what it might be like to reach out and touch them, and looking at the works is like experiencing the reality of a dream before you recognize it as such.


In some pieces, Andy introduces human figures, and these are painted with the same level of intricate detail and realism. It’s this near photo-realism that makes the stylistic interventions all the more striking.

A surreal digital painting with abstracted figuresONE TWO THREE FOUR, digital painting, archival quality printing to ultra high-gloss aluminum, painted birch wood panel and resin

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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