Paint, Sculpture, and Other Media: Art by Patrick Harris

A print of a colourful abstract sceneFantasy Landscape, print

Patrick Harris is a mixed media artist originally from Memphis, Tennessee. In his current practice, the artist works in paint, sculpture, and other media, creating artworks that embrace a wild variety of colours, and depict a range of figurative subjects. 

An image of a sunflower with brightly distorted colourSunflower Redux


I really like the works in Patrick’s Floral Prints series -- these works seem to be prints of digitally manipulated photographs of flowers. Though the concept is relatively simple, Patrick's well-composed images and pleasantly psychedelic colour palettes make these visually pleasing from standpoints of colour, texture, and composition.


The artist’s love of bright, wide colour palettes is also evident in his oil paintings of boats. These paintings use a gestural style, with the boats in question rendered using heavy lines and flat planes of colour. The figures float on bodies of water made up of large, confident brush marks in varying tints of blue and grey.

A painting of a red boat at a dockThe Red Boat, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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