Two and 3-Dimensional Artworks by Mark Jungmeyer

A painting of two parrotsBirds of a Feather

Mark Jungmeyer is an artist who works primarily in painting. The artist’s current portfolio spans a wide array of media and disciplines, including 2 and 3-dimensional artworks, and abstract and figurative paintings. 

A painting of a seascape with rocky cliffsGrand Seascape


Much of Mark’s portfolio comprises figurative works. His realistic paintings often incorporate human figures and landscapes, presenting the subjects with a great amount of detail, though often painted with a slightly soft focus. The subject matter of Mark’s Realist Paintings ranges from idyllic forest landscapes to portraits of feminine figures, to detailed renderings of tropical birds.


Mark’s abstract works are wildly colourful, with brush marks and planes of pigment splashed across the entirety of the picture plane. Many of the images evoke ideas of nebulas or petri dishes, like the work of Luis Pagan or JD Doria.

An abstract painting with bright red pigment on a dark groundBlack #2 Nebula

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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