Brightly Coloured Abstract Artworks by Adam Thomas

An abstract painting with a bright yellow centre and blue green tonesLe Fleur 1, oil and wax on panel

Adam Thomas creates brightly coloured abstract artworks with a flair for stippled, textual brushwork and jewel-toned colour palettes. The artist’s portfolio showcases his pieces both on their own and in sample contexts, allowing viewers to imagine how a work might complement an interior design. 

A dramatic painting of clouds on a dark skyLove Conquers Hate, oil on canvas


I really enjoy Adam’s Clouds series of paintings -- the works in this gallery are similar in subject to works by artists like Ian Fisher. Adam favours dramatic compositions and lighting, with the clouds rendered in striking contrast to dark skies, and with electric moments of bright lighting. The works evoke lightning or rain storms of biblical proportions. 


Adam showcases his technical painting skill in his Birds / Animals gallery. The works here feature everything from chickens to gorillas, and every feather and hair is rendered with beautiful lighting and detail, so the subjects seem to jump right off the canvas.

A painting of a swimming polar bearAnana

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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