My Art Exhibition at Initial Gallery


Above is a video tour of my 2 person art exhibition Cipher Messaging. The artwork that you see here is by myself (the paintings) and Angela Fama (the photographs).  The day before the opening we saw that the curator had chosen to hang the show in a way that blended the work together instead of my work on one side of the gallery and Angela's on the other. I must admit that it would have never occured to me to do this but the effect was quite unique. Fortunately our work had some strong visual connections and so this alternation between work really added an interesting dimension to the show.


I felt very fortunate to be showing in such a beautiful gallery space and with such an amazing artist as Angela. It was a wonderful experience and the artwork was exhibited for over a month which was a nice long exhibition run-time.

Photo of small painting on the wall
There can be the ups and downs of having a show, the hills and valleys if you will. Right before the show there is exhaustion from finishing all the work leading up to the show. This is followed by the over-stimulation of the exhibition opening. I had lost my voice by the end of the evening! Then there is a slight emptiness that follows any opening...but each time gets a little easier! On one hand, who can complain about being able to show your art in a gallery and on the other hand, recouperation time may be necessary. Maybe not for all you natural extroverts out there! But if you are a natural introvert, such as myself, you may get a little drained after the pomp and cirumstance of an opening.

Photo of paintings hanging in gallery


Showing your art in a gallery is a great way to share it directly with people in a setting that is clear of any other visual clutter. It gives people a chance to connect with the work in a neutral place where they can meditate and ponder the visual presentations at hand. I am very grateful to work with a gallery.

Photo of woman standing in gallery

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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