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Let's take a moment to step away from digital printing and explore printmaking with the use of  presses. Many artists make digital prints and they serve a purpose by creating a commercially convenient way to circulate your images for a low price. However, creating your own set of etchings, lithographs, or relief prints is a unique way to work that also allows you to sell multiples of one image.


New Leaf Creative Solutions is a small print shop located on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. They work collaboratively with the artist to help develop the plate and create the edition. Below is an etching made on a copper plate. 

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The artist of the work above is Paul Morstadt and he worked with New Leaf Creative Solutions to create an edition of this print. The relationship between the printer, in this case Peter Braune, with the artist is very collaborative in spirit! Listen to Peter talk about working with artists in the video below and you'll get an idea of the many options that can be provided. The complexity of the project and the type of materials used will dictate the price and so you will need to get a quote for youur specific project.


I am hoping to create a series of prints with New Leaf in the near future and I will document the process to share with you. I want to learn more about the process of working with a printer. I come fom a background of etching on zinc plates but had all the resources at school at the time - giant printing presses and acid baths etcetera. I'd love to work with someone who can share their tools and expert knowledge with me while creating an edition that is very saleable and unique.

"For artists seeking new forms of expression, New Leaf Editions offers the collaborative exploration of image-making using assorted print media. The goal of the collaboration is to allow an artist full expression with print. New Leaf has worked with many locally and internationally acclaimed artists.


Services provided by New Leaf include: copper and zinc etching, photo-etching, relief printing, lithography, letterpress and steel facing. " - New Leaf Creative Solutions


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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