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I have had a few friends who have participated in artist -in-residence programs. These are really neat opportunities, each one unique. Most of these opportunities appeal to artists who love to travel and have a flexible schedule. Does this sound like you? Artist-in-residency programs offer time and space away from the everyday obligations of the home environment while situating you in a new environment. You have the opportunity to connect with a new arts community and experience a sort of culture exchange with the residents of the area.


This particular artist residency is provided by The Kent Harrison Arts Council. I am a fan of both the artists in the videos below and it is very interesting to see them interviewed in the residency space and talk about how the residency is beneficial. The location for this residency is beautiful, Harrison Hot Springs in BC Canada (see photo above).


The video below features artist Aaron Moran. He created lovely sculptures during his residency at Harrison. He used the time to broaden his body of work and fully immerse himself in his creative process.



The next video offers some great insight from artist Sionbhan Humston during her art residency for Kent Harisson Arts Council. She talks about what it is like to have the time and space that an artist residency offers and how it effects her ability to produce work.  The beautiful surroundings of Harrson Hot Springs also featured heavily in the benefit of her residency as the environment plays an important role in her work.



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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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