5 Wealthiest Living Artists

Photo of diamond encrusted skull"For the Love of God"


A little quiz for you to test your knowledge of the wealthiest living artists according to present day stats. Simply match the images with the following artists and then click on the link at the bottom of this post in order to see if you were correct and to learn a little about each of these art biz tycoons. 


The images should be matched with the following artists:

Jasper Johns

Damien Hirst

Jeff Koons

Andrea Vicari

David Choe 


Photo of diamond encrusted skull

 #1. "For the love of God"  The work consists of a diamond encrusted platinum skull and real human teeth.

Fun fact: This piece sold for $78 million.


Photo of large balloon like structures#2. "Tulips"  A giant sculpture of a bunch of tulips comprised of three tons of steel.

Fun fact: The buyer of this piece was hotel mogul Steve Wynn who is famous for accidentally damaging Picasso's "Le Rêve," for which he paid around $60 million. 

Image of white stars on blue background and red stripes#3. "Three Flags" An encaustic painting (wax and pigment).

Fun fact: This piece was acquired by the Whitney Museum for $1 Million.


Illustration of face of woman surrounded by colors

#4. "Storm" 

Fun fact: The president of Facebook in 2005 asked this artist to paint a mural on the facebook office walls for $60,000 or company stock. The artist made an estimated $200 million when the company went public.

Painting of woman in white gown with red sphere

 #5. "La Marianne"

Fun fact: This welsh artist has three museums dedicated to his work in the Middle East.


Click here to check and see if you correctly matched each art piece to the correct name of one of the 5 Wealthiest Living Artists.


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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