Online Portfolio: Alexander Headley

 "Lightness" Video by Alexander Headley


Today we feature the online portfolio of artist Alexander Headley. This artist uses an incredible range in media from film to painting to sculpture.  Beyond these mediums his portfolio contains drawings, photographs and a link to his poetic works. Some artists work within one main medium which can be very rewarding but it is inspiring to see an artist like Alexander who refuses to be tied down by medium and seems to work fluidly with so many different creative outlets. 


"He is an adventurous multidisciplinary artist who uses a number of mediums to explore the human psyche.  His drawings and paintings subtly capture the essence of his subject; a fleeting moment, an intense emotion which changes in time.  He is interested in how our minds form and keep memories and the fickleness of the human heart. 


His film work delves deeper into what it means to be 'us'.  Approaching each piece with a balance of seriousness and humor, he excavates the cave called skull to understand human insecurities, emotions and motivations.  Much of his work deals with delicate and uncomfortable situations.  Using metaphors and his own subconscious intuition, he pushes these simple situations to the limit in order to find deeper human truths.  " -


View more examples of Alexander Headley's art here:


Drawing of woman in pink dress sitting against a dark background"Mallory Cave" Drawing by Alexander Headley

Painting of skull on table"Skull" Painting by Alexander Headley

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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