Lotus Dome: Responsive Artwork that Transcends our Human Experience


Here is an amazing art project by Studio Roosegaarde that is both haunting and inspiring. In the video you see an installed dome-like wall of flower-shaped foils that respond to human behaviour. Equipped with sensors this dome's walls seem to open and close, releasing and with holding a light within. The light moves around the space and illuminates the beautiful setting the 17th-century Sainte Marie Madeleine Church in Lille, France. This video of Lotus Dome is lovely and this project has been installed in some other locations ( like a castle!) which shift the tone of the project. Studio Roosegaard has made some truly remarkable projects that mostly deal with an element of illumination and according to this interview with Daan Roosegaarde they have been working on a suit for banker's that becomes transparent when someone lies.


Video source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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