Art Portfolio: Trevor Pye


painting of two small houses in a hilly landscape"Dwelling in Landscape 4" Acrylic on Paper by Trevor Pye


Today we feature the art portfolio of painter Trevor Pye. These pieces are from Trevor's recent works and they are excellent works of style and colour. I love the soft coziness of these pieces and I think of the idea of the safety of community and the harmony of life away from the city. The range of patterns used to stylize the forms is really quite delightful and helps create interest and variety throughout the simple forms featured in the landscape.


"I have been making art since the early eighties when I went to Art school in South Australia.

During that time I have also been a lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, in Auckland New Zealand, and a children's book illustrator.

I have exhibited many times in Australia and New Zealand and have works in public and private collections in these countries and internationally.

In 1997 I received my Master of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

I am primarily interested in using drawing and painting to interpret and respond to the landscape, although other elements often enter into the work as well." -


View more examples of Trevor Pye's art portfolio here:

painting of a house with a small tower in a rolling landscape"Dwelling in Landscape 2" Acrylic on Paper by Trevor Pye

painting of a house in a landscape with a few trees and clouds"Dwelling in Landscape 1" Acrylic on Paper by Trevor Pye

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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