Portfolio Website: Izzy Vera

Charcoal drawing of five chickens

"Pensive Chicken" Charcoal on paper by Izzy Vera 


Today we feature the portfolio of Izzy Vera. Izzy is from Denver Colorado and we chose to feature her nice renderings of Nepal chickens. These works are charcoal on paper and convey the soft fluffiness of the chicken's feathers. The chickens in these images were inspired by seeing some chickens while she was in Nepal where she spends time volunteering regularly.


"I am an artist from Denver, Colorado. Charcoal portraits and color pastel drawings are my strength, though I love painting in oil as well. Most often, the commissions I receive are for portraiture.Drawing a portrait is an intimate process and a challenge that I enjoy. It takes time to choose the best image to work from. Then begins the work. It would be easier if the only concern was getting the proportions right- the space between the eyes, the tilt of an eye brow, or the tip of the nose. The real difficulty is in capturing the intangible, the personality, on a flat piece of paper." -www.izzyvera.com


View more examples of Miranda Allen's performance art here: http://izzyvera.com

Charcoal drawing of chicken"Nepali Chicken" Charcoal on paper by Izzy Vera

Charcoal drawing of chicken"Chicken Group" Charcoal on paper by Izzy Vera

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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