Online Portfolio: Melvin Clark

geometric painting with four triangles the vary in colors

Art by Melvin Clark


Today we are featuring the work of Pennsylvanian artist Melvin Clark.  His work covers a breadth of styles within the medium of painting but my favourites are his abstract pieces. I enjoy the colour exploration and interesting use of geometric and organic shapes. 


"Melvin Clark is an artist currently living in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. Melvin was born 1944 in Detroit Michigan. He began art studies in the 1970's. Initially, Clark took advantage of the community based art centers that were spread around Detroit. Melvin's formal training took place at the prestigious "Center For Creative Studies"{now the"College For Creative Studies"}, located just accross the street from the "Detroit Institute of Arts". His exposure to major works of art in the D.I.A. by the Mexican Muralist, the Post Impressionist, the German Expressionist, the Master Craftmen of Africa, as well as his interest in the works of African-American Artist Charles White and John Biggers, helped inform and shape Melvin's mature style."


View more examples of Melvin Clark's painting on his online portfolio website here:

abstract painting of five wavy shapes that bend and vary in diameter"Hip Shake" By Melvin Clark

abstract painting of circles, triangles and squares

Art by Melvin Clark

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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