Online Portfolio: Gwenda Branjerdporn


Acrylic painting of leaves

"Leaves, Three, 3" Acrylic on Canvas by Gwenda Branjerdporn


Today we are featuring artwork from the online portfolio of Gwenda Branjerdporn. I chose these delicate studies of leaves because I think the artist rendered them well and show her intimate connection to the environment she loves.  I enjoy the floating quality of the leaves and the subtle pink shade of the background.


"My work is driven by my desire to care for and honour the environment, especially the trees. I live in the Western Suburbs which still has a lot of trees and people choose to live here because of the environmental aspect of the trees and the benefits and beauty that the trees provide in one's life, especially within individual allotments." -


View more examples from the online art portfolio of Gwenda Branjerdporn here:

acrylic painting of three leaves with dramatic shadows. two leaves are red and one is greenish blue."Leaves, Three, 1" Acrylic on Canvas by Gwenda Branjerdporn

acrylic painting of three leaves"Leaves, Three, 2" Acrylic on Canvas by Gwenda Branjerdporn

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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