Artist Website: Jose Pardo

Oil painitng of skull next to toy robot, dinosaur and books"Evolution" Oil on canvas by Jose Pardo


Today we feature the artist website of Jose Pardo whose oil paintings seem to reference a classic still life vignette but with the insertion of classic toy dinosaurs and tin robots. Jose is a master at dramatic lighting within his work and each piece seems to glow as though lit with a small antique lamp in an otherwise completely dark room. I really like the intimate vibe that is supported by this effect. It dramatizes the objects to create an interesting narrative that seems to be frozen in time. 


"After receiving my BFA from Jersey City State College (now New Jersey City University) in 1988, I worked for several small advertising agencies in New Jersey as an artist before marrying and moving to Orlando Florida to start a family with my wife in 1992.

In Orlando I've worked as an illustrator and designer for companies such as Disney, Scholastic, and Universal Studios. I still live and paint in Orlando with my wonderfully supportive wife, two amazing children, and three mischievous cats."


View Jose's artist website here:

Oil painitng of toy robot, block letters, chess pieces and book

"The Philosophers Apprentice" Oil on canvas by Jose Pardo


Oil painting of toy robot"Waiting for Illumination" Oil on canvas by Jose Pardo

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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