Art Portfolio: Jess Richter

silkscreen image of a horse"It's a part of you whether you like it or not" Goldleaf, UV silkscreen by Jess Richter


Today we are featuring the artwork of artist and printmaker, Jess Richter. Jess brings drawing into a new realm creating work that has a super unique look and feel to it. These works are created with silkscreen, uv silkscreen, copper/gold/silver leafing and application of ink. They seem to stake a claim in drawing, printmaking, painting and guilding all at once. Another element of Jess' work that strikes me is the title. Each work has been given a title that indicates another level to the work, causing me to look at these pieces with an eye that searches for clues to understanding the mysterious scenarios depicted.


"As a printmaker, I use UV silkscreen and intaglio as the primary means to create my work.  I enjoy using unorthodox and messy methods in order to create the blunt and bold layers that I like best, as well as the slight thrill of breaking print rules.  Gold, silver, and copper leaf also play an important role in my techniques, hearkening to the religious icons and works in Eastern Europe."



Take a look through more examples from the online portfolio of Jess Richter here: 


silkscreen image of a woman done with gold leaf"I don't want this veil" UV silkscreen, goldleaf & copperleaf or silverleaf (depending on edition) by Jess Richter 

silkscreen of a horse with a black fabric background"Inthe bleak winter" UB silkscreen, ink. By Jess Richter

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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