Artist Portfolio: Gilly Russell

landscape photograph taken from a hillside overlooking the city with the sun's glare in the lensFrom "One Walk East" Series by Gilly Russell


Today we are featuring photography from the online portfolio of artist Gilly Russell. Gilly is an art director based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. She also works as a stylist for online and print media. Her photographs tlet me take in the landscape with a broad scope and seem to observe somewhat enigmatic moments. From an epic and surreal mountain that shapes the backdrop of an otherwise familiar town to four posts propping each other up in the middle of an empty roadway. Even in the photo above there seems to be a path that leads you on to a new place to discover. All this imagery seems to imply a quest or an adventurous journey which suits the names of these series "One Walk East" and "Searching".


View more examples of Gilly Russell's art work here:

winter scene with a view down the street towards a mountainFrom "Searching" Series by Gilly Russell

four logs leaned against each other overtop of a road

From "One Walk East" Series by Gilly Russell

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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