Artist Website: Michael Gaudreau

Painting of large house with tower next to large tree"Cylburn Mansion" by Michael Gaudreau 

Today we are featuring the artist website of Michael Gaudreau whose landscape works are filled with a sense of movement and light. Michael uses oil paint and pastels to create these works that showcase the ability for both these mediums to be fluid and soft. The loose brush strokes lend a fresh and kinetic energy to the work while the details of the subject seem carefully reduced to their essence and offer up a nicely-muted version of themselves. 


"The natural world and the rural landscape have always been important to me. I grew up around water and boats and woods and streams so I am drawn to the countryside as a subject not only for the memories evoked but for the sense of joy it gives me just being there. I especially am drawn to the quality of light in the early morning and dusk and how it transforms and illuminates ordinary things like rocks or buildings and turns them into something extraordinary. When I look for subjects to paint I seek that “moment of light.”  Much of my current work is centered around the quality of light I find on my morning and evening walks in and around the town of Keene Valley in the Adirondack Mountains of New York." -


View more examples from the artist website of Michael Gaudreau here:

Painting of two shadows on grass with two white cottages in background"Evening Walk" by Michael Gaudreau

Painting of a body of water next to mountain and forest"Chapel Pond" by Michael Gaudreau

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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