Artist Website: Susan Mackey

Photo on archival paper of Brighton Pier

"Brighton Pier" Photograph printed on archival matte paper. By Susan Mackey.


Today's we feature artwork from the website of photographer Susan Mackey from London, England. Her photographs dance between drawing and painting while hinting at the magic of the world. There is a subtle magic that lingers in the images that Susan creates, as though she is giving us the opportunity to peer into a secret version of the world that we thought we knew. These works are a sheer delight to behold.


"Sue’s work brings out the beauty of the natural world, in the surreal environment of the city, in new and genuinely refreshing ways. Of course, the camera now goes with Sue on her travels and she has started to record other places and people with her unique insight and eye for detail and the hidden.

She is a very intuitive artist, able to bring out the hidden power and mystical beauty of unique symbolism of seemingly ordinary sights and objects." -


View more examples from the artist website of Susan Mackey here:

Abstract photo printed on archival matte paper"Agate 2" Photograph printed on archival matte paper. By Susan Mackey.

Photo of London Docklands on archival paper"London Docklands 1" Photograph printed on archival matte paper. By Susan Mackey.

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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