Online Portfolio: Karine Molloy


Abstract painting with ink drops and squigglesArtwork by Karine Molloy.

Today we feature artwork from the online portfolio of Karine Molloy. These works dazzle with their vivid hues and incredible movement. Karine's palette blasts retinas awake with a startling vibrance. Her abstracted paintings show many layers of application of colours but also layers of different types of mark making which I find to be interesting.


"Born in New Carlisle, she touched various art forms throughout her life, ballet, drama, theater and writing. As a young woman, she obtained a Certificate in Visual Arts from the University of Sherbrooke and lives and works from time to time in her studio in Saint-Amable. The main vector of her creation is man and his freedom. The artist explores the great questions with skill and aplomb. A variety of mediums are found cleverly linked." -

View more examples from the online portfolio of Karine Molloy here:

abstract painting with a yellow cube on a red backgroundArtwork by Karine Molloy.

painting of circular purple outline with a red dot in a messy styleArtwork by Karine Molloy.

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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