Confident Artists: Be Weird and Own It

Photo of text If you're going to be weird, be confident about it


Artists get a bad rap sometimes. Dismissed as weirdos by a public that is often terrified to express themselves. I think the best way to counter the fear is with confidence. Don't present your ideas with shaking hands and wobbly steps. Own it. We work hard to express our ideas so when we present them to people we have to become confident artists.


In order to be outwardly confident you need to do some inner work. Try writing as an exersize where you pretend you are reviewing your work and career. Write about it as though it was the best thing "since sliced bread", as mom would say. Be utterly ridiculous in your positive accolades. Its ok - no one will read it but you. This exersize may seem silly and if you get caught doing it people may think "Artists are so weird" but what you are really doing is practicing positive vocabularly and trying on a positive perspective about your work. 

Photo of text on the wall Let's Go Magic Weirdos


Growing your artistic confidence has some seriously positive side-effects including helping with sales. Your positive presentation of your work will inspire people, make them feel comfortable asking more questions about your work - like the price! : )


"Confidence sells art, it sells everything. The limits of your confidence will be reflected in the limits of your success.

You can stir confidence in yourself by what you focus on. And you can choose where to place your focus."

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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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