What is Your Art Mission Statement?

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As an artist we are often also entrepeneurs. To have a strong business we need a clear vision, one that will be a guide in every decision we make. Many businesses will utilize both a vision statement and a mission statement in order to guide them down the path to success. Applied to art business these statements can be super valuable.


Let's take a look at the differences between these two statements. Mission statements state the purpose of the business, it's goals and carve out the path for guiding future decisions. You can refer to this statement when making tough decisions and forming strategies. Key components to your mission statement are identifying your target market or the type of client you think will buy your work, identifying your product or service and what sets it apart from others. Your vision statement will identify your values in relation to your purpose...like a code of conduct that you always wish to hold true to. Vision statements are sometimes shared with the client in order to help them understand the values of the business.


Make Your Own Mission Statement

  1. Identify your idea
  2. Identify your approach and what sets you apart from competitors
  3. Identify a couple of ways in which you choose to measure your success
  4. Identify the outcome as a measurable goal 

Make Your Own Vision Statement

  1. Identify your goal and the associated value of that. ex. To sell art so people can enjoy a sense of beauty in their home and feel connected to something inspiring.
  2. What is the most valuable thing that you have to offer in the way that you conduct business?List these as your core values that inspire and motivate yourself and your clients.

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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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