Art Sales: In Pursuit of the Red Dot


photograph of art with text overlay that says in pursuit of the red dot
Whether you are selling art from your studio or nervously mingling at your gallery opening red dots aka sales are a welcome sight for most artists. I dedicate many of the articles on Artist Run Website to helping artists understand their business and what they can do to improve it. Not all artists care about getting sales. So this article may not be for you. But for many of us it is an essential part of the creative cycle. We create and that creation is acquired by a collection, a patron or friend. 


In our pursuit for the red dot (or studio sale) there are many factors to consider, not the least of which is why do people buy work. So let's meditate on that factor. In getting a grasp on this idea we can make sales with greater ease. If you yourself are a collector and purchase art regularly then maybe this insight will be familiar to you. 


grid of red dots


When buying anything we are considerate of what the value is to us. I'll buy those organic veggies because "they are good for me" and will keep me on the path of health and well-being. Think about art purchases in the same way. Your art is good for someone. It makes their lives better on an emotional level. When helping someone choose a piece of your work you can talk to them about how they will feel to see it every day - do they want a piece that makes them feel grounded, buoyant, inspired, thoughtful? This will help them connect with the work in a very special way - help them to see the unique value that it will have to them.


I recently read an article on Artists Who Thrive's site where the writer says that the reason people buy art is because they would rather part with their money than live without your art. Living without your art means pining for the piece and longing for it and hoping that no one else will buy it. We are at quite an advantage actually...because when someone falls in love with one of our paintings they can't replace that item with another one. There's only one. One original piece of art, that one person get to hang in their home, office or collection. 


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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