Invent Context for Your Art: My Art + Steve Zissou

three images of water color paintings and Bill Murray


How fun would it be to invent context for your artwork? Super fun. Recently my artwork was included in a unique little collection. The collection is a grouping of artwork designed for a fictitious character. Put together by well-known art blogger, The Jealous Curator, the collection I was featured in was designed for The Life Aquatic's Steve Zissou. Wes Anderson's films are fun and creative and he is definately a kindred spirit so I was happy to be included in this collection. It really got me thinking, there is no rule against creatively inventing context for your artwork - why not ? 


The other collections in this series so far are for Amelie Poulain from the beautiful french film Amelie (see image below) and for Margot from another Wes Anderson film, The Royal Tennenbaums. You can see the full collection for Steve Zissou on the blog San Fransisco Girl by the Bay.


There are many ways to create context by association for your work. One of the simplest ways is to include content on your blog that you feel associates well with your work. This is a passive way to connect your work by association in comparison to these fictitious collections though. You can associate music to particular pieces of your work. Another blog did this with my work here: . You can do this on your blog and write some fun copy about why you have paired a song to your art. You can even show other works of art that have inspired a particular piece. There are many ways to do this and it can be a very creative process so have fun and enjoy!

three images of women with eye masks
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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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