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With great excitement, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Artist Run Website blog!


What's more exciting than blasting off into the inner-space of creativity! Each week we will bring to you inspiration, tips & techniques, and insight into the issue's facing today's contemporary artist.


Your guide to the final frontier of art-making will be Artist-in-residence Rebecca Chaperon.

Rebecca Chaperon, ArtistRebecca Chaperon, Artist-in-residence


Rebecca was one of my very first customers! She previously had a website that she would pain-stakenly update with iWeb. A few minutes after using Artist Run Website she was sold and has since become one of my biggest fans.


Rebecca has invaluable industry-insider knowledge of the materials and techniques for art-making, gleened from her six years of experience managing Opus Art Supplies. She has taught painting at Langara College and given many community workshops. It doesn't stop there, Rebecca is also a board member of the Grunt Gallery in Vancouver, BC.


She is currently working on her first book. It's an ABC book comprised of 26 illustrations of school girls who are experimenting with astral projection, quarantined by a crystal growing lake, and beseiged by gremlins at the breakfast table.


As Artist-in-residence, Rebecca will share with you her personal stories from her journey of art-making, professional advice on the business of art, as well as the best of internet cat memes.


Rebecca in her art studioRebecca in her studio.


Painting made by RebeccaRebecca's latest painting: Caught on a Wind from a Parallel Dimension.


You can view more of Rebecca's artwork on her website:

Written by: Eric Deis
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