Online Portfolio: Cameron McLellan

ink drawing"Sinew"  Ink on Rives BFK 19"x25"

Today we bring you a selection of work from the online portfolio of Cameron McLellan whose work is inspired by landscape and architecture found along Canada's beautiful west coast. Cameron is an artist based out of Vancouver BC Canada and his sense of this place is a strong influence in his work. His artwork is made up of incredibly delicate line work that really draws the viewer into the piece. While some of the works have very selective areas of colour, over all, the works seem to allow the white of the paper dominate, creating very active negative space. 


"Cameron McLellan's drawings explore line, form and the meditative quality of repetition. Spatial relationships and composition are expressed with an economy of means and are underpinned by the west coast architectural legacy of restraint and connection to nature.

McLellan's drawings have recently appeared in Montecristo Magazine and the book We Are Canada." -


Examine more samples from the online portfolio of Cameron McLellan here:


ink drawing of a house and landscape

Untitled Ink on paper 11"x17"


ink drawing

"Stanley Park Cascade" Ink on Rives BFK 19"x25"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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