Art Portfolio: Lori Sokoluk

abstract painting with red and black colors

"A Way of Knowing" 


Today we are taking a look at the art portfolio of Lori Sokoluk. Lori is a Vancouver based artist whose work explores colour and variety of application. The paint in these works is alive: brush strokes add sheer layers of colour while other colours are applied wet and draw long lines as they flow down the canvas. Quite a wonderful use of colour is explored by the artists within these works. To me it seems confident but not too controlled. I'm inspired to paint now - how about you?! 


"Inspired by the landscapes in which she has lived – Canadian prairies, the intense cityscape of New York City, and most recently the West Coast rain forest – Lori’s realistic work captures just enough detail to launch the mind and heart. Executed in watercolors, acrylics, or drawing media, Lori has evolved a loose realism that evokes connections in the viewer to landscapes and dreamscapes of their own experience."-


Take a wander through more of Lori Sokoluk's art portfolio here:


abstract painting"Ardbeg 3"


dark black abstract painting"Black Pool"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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