Artist Website: Veronica Rojas

two panel artwork showing five snails"Cementerio de Caracoles" (Snail Cemetary)  Mixed Media 24”x48”, 61 x 122 cm.

Here are a few selected works from the artist website of Veronica Rojas. Veronica is based in Berkeley, California but was born in Mexico City. The subject matter in these works is delightfully strange. The artist uses her imagination to create odd and beautiful vignettes that leave me wondering and pondering - in a good way! Hands seem to participate in the mysteries depicted but seem to be growing from the plant-life itself.

"Veronica has shown her work nationally and internationally. Galleries that have represented Veronicas’ work include SFMOMA Artists Gallery and Bay Area Visual Artists Network. She is also a Visual Aid Grant recipient and has been nominated to The Eureka Fellowship Grant and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. In 2011 Veronica got the Jerome Caja Terrible Beauty Award. Veronicas’ paintings have been reviewed in Artweek Magazine, Bay Area Express and Latin Eyes."

Please take a look through Veronica Rojas' artist portfolio here:

mixed media artwork of two hands feeding a bee"Call Cafe 8"


line drawing of a tree with a hand coming out of a plant"Call Cafe 9"

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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