Pop-Up Art Shows: the DIY Approach


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Have you ever thought about having your own art show? Over the years "Pop-up" Art shows have been gaining popularity and momentum. All you need is a temporary space and someone present to "gallery sit" your exhibition....most of us have experience in many of the other aspects that we might normally rely on the gallery to provide but here are some things to consider to make your show a success.


Find A Space:

Secure a space for a temporary time - at the minimum a few days.

Remember to take into consideration that you will need time to set-up and take down the exhibition. Be generous and give yourself extra time incase things take longer than you expected.

Is there parking and is the area safe and easy to find? Don't frighten and confuse your guests.



List the event with local event listings and email all local press.

Post details of your event to Social Media.

Postcards with the address and dates of the show, a contact email and a link to a website where more information can be found.


Install the work: 

Here is a checklist  of a few reminders for installing work: http://artistrunwebsite.com/blog/524/10+Super+Useful+Art+Exhibition+Reminders

You may want to bring extra lights for the event.


Host a reception:

Hire a photographer

Put a sign on the door or in the window 

Wine & glasses 

Red dots

Vase of Flowers

Table for info binder, cards and the wine and flowers of course!

You can offer a private showing of the work to interested parties before the public reception.

Method of receiving payment : try Square or something similar. Here's my previous post about Square: http://artistrunwebsite.com/blog/423/Sell+Your+Art+Using+Square+


Give yourself as many months as possible to prepare for your pop-up art show! The more time you have to make the work, develop sales strategies and spread the news the better! Check out this candid tale from Molly Crabapple called "How to Throw a DIY Art Show That Doesn’t Suck"

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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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