3 Dynamic Ways to Install Artwork


large artwork hanging above a couch


Artists need to know about dynamic ways to hang, exhibit and install artwork. Whether you are helping a client install some artwork in their home or wanting to try a different approach to gallery hanging. I've gathered a few of these ideas here - I hope they inspire you!


1. Wall Colour: If the artwork is large and a determined focal point of the room you can try painting the wall a complimentary colour to the painting like in this awesome room above. The room is now dominantly pink and green - it doesn't hurt that the couch matches the art though I know that's often the last thing an artist wants to hear.

white room with small artwork above couch
2. Placement: I have noticed the trend of art placement high and/or closer to the corner of the room like you see in the image above. I have seen it higher in the context of commercial gallery and it was a surprising departure from the traditional style of hanging - I liked it!

cluster of artworks on a wall
3. Symmetrical Cluster: This cluster of framed works forms an interesting shape and the tones of the images all work well together. I like the symmetry in this style of hanging. There are many ways to cluster artwork but take a look at the infographic below for a few more arrangements to consider.


Considering a dynamic way to install your art and looking at examples of  potential styles of hanging can even inform and inspire the process of creating the work itself - I hope you are inspired!

grids of artworks


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Written by: rebecca chaperon
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